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            Australian Woodsmith?is a woodworking magazine that is produced for woodworkers by woodworkers.

            Our publication comes packed with all the tips and tricks from experts with years of experience. We include templates, plans and projects that will keep you busy in the workshop for hours, or at least until the next issue hits the newsstands. Australian Woodsmith is owned and published in?Australia. It is a woodworking magazine that brings exploded illustrations, step-by-step instructions and techniques to the dedicated timber hobbyist.

            This site has all the tools you need to search back issues, peruse articles, download free online extras, find woodworking tips and subscribe or renew your existing subscription. You can also order binders, our back issue library on DVD or USB or back issues. You can even order digital downloads now!

            Issue?150 on sale?now online and in Newsagents for only $9.90!


            • Lattice Panel Serving Tray
            • Welcoming Hall Bench
            • Auxiliary Router Bases
            • Candlestick

            Woodwork Techniques:

            • Specialty Scrapers
            • Palm Router Bits
            • Bench Dogs
            • Dowel Joinery
            • 7 Tips for Working with Acrylic
            • Latticework Panels
            • Finishing Secrets

            Order the digital or printed version of that issue (or the back issues of your choice) in our shop!

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            Up to the 17th July 2019, grab a?chance to win a:

            Triton 2400w/3.whp Dual Mode Precision Router valued at $549!



            Issue 150 Out Now

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            Australian Woodsmith News


            Issue 150 Out Now

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